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512 MB of ram and 10 GB of disk space
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  • 2.9 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • Multi Core vCPU 4 (shared)
  • SSH access
  • Long running jobs

Technical Details

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Plan Chart

Free Pro
Cost $0.00/mo $25.00/mo
Interactive time 90 minutes (20 minute idle timeout) Unlimited
RAM 512 MB 3000 MB
Disk Space 10 GB 50 GB

The default Wakari interactive sessions share the CPU between Wakari users. If needed, this can easily be upgraded to a dedicated CPU.

The Pro tier reduces the number of users sharing a machine, thus providing more RAM and CPU power.

SSH Yes Yes
Long run jobs No Yes
S3 Access Yes Yes
Data download Unlimited Unlimited
Data upload 100 MB Unlimited
Sharing Unlimited public sharing Unlimited, with access control